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Family Group Sheet

Husband:   Reuben Elliott

Born:   Abt 1777 in:   Fauquier Co., VA
Died:   1850 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Father:   William Cundiff Elliott (c1752-1828)
Mother:   Elizabeth Pearl (c1752-)

Wife:   Charlotte Ann Strother

Married:   15 Feb 1802 in:   Fauquier Co., VA
Born:   Abt 1783 in:   Fauquier Co., VA
Died:   Abt 1832 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Father:   Reuben Strother (c1750-1837)
Mother:   Susannah Bartlett (1752-1832)


1   F       Name:   Dorcas Elliott (c1803-1830)
Spouse:   John Howard Thompson (1802-1889)

2   M       Name:   Snowden Elliott
Born:   1805 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Died:   in:   KY
Married:   1830 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Spouse:   Catherine Jones
Born:   Abt 1810 in:   OH
Died:   in:  
Children:   Thomas Elliott (1832-)
Serepta Elliott (1835-1880) m. Andrew Jackson Gillespie (1836-1880)
Emily Elliott (1837-)
Elijah Elliott (1838-)
Reuben Elliott (1840-)
Dudely D Elliott (1843-1920)
Scarlet Elliott (1844-)
Joel Elliott (1848-)
Elizabeth A Elliott (1851-1914)

3   M       Name:   Martin Elliott
Born:   Abt 1806 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Died:   in:  
Married:   in:  
Born:   in:  
Died:   in:  
Children:   Jerome Elliott (1852-) m. Ann Irwin (1855-1913)
Alice Elliott (1859-) m. Samuel Hart

4   F       Name:   Sarepta Elliott
Born:   24 Aug 1808 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Died:   1870 in:   IN
Married:   28 Dec 1829 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Spouse:   William Parker Thompson
Born:   03 May 1807 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Died:   08 Feb 1853 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Children:   Elizabeth Thompson (1837-) m. R E Harris (1833-)
Ebenezer J Thompson (1839-) m. Ursula B Stiles (1839-1904)
George Thompson (1841-) m. Amanda Ellis (1844-)
John Thompson (1843-)
Maria A Thompson (1846-1926) m. Henry C Pepper (1844-1910)
Elijah Thompson (1847-)
Emily F Thompson (1849-) m. James W Pepper (1849-)

5   F       Name:   Julia Ann Elliott
Born:   07 May 1810 in:   Mason Co., KY
Died:   07 May 1876 in:   Huntington Co., IN
Married:   14 Aug 1832 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Spouse:   George Howard Thompson
Born:   09 Oct 1813 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Died:   20 Dec 1886 in:   Huntington Co., IN
Children:   Elizabeth A Thompson (1836-1889) m. Vestal C Shaw (1837-1921)
Mary Ann Thompson (1839-1926) m. Samuel L Good (1834-1899)
George Howard Thompson (1837-1911) m. Catherine Witmer (1841-1882)
Martha Thompson

Biography and Timeline


  Date:   Place:   Event:
  1781   Fauquier Co., VA   Birth: Reuben
  1783   Fauquier Co., VA   Birth: Charlotte
  1802   Fauquier Co., VA   Marriage: Reuben and Charlotte
  1810   Mason Co., KY   Census: Reuben (age 26-44), female (age 16-25)
  1820   Bracken Co., KY   Census: Reuben (age 26-44) agriculture, female (age 26-44)
  1830   Bracken Co., KY   Census: Charlotte (age 40-49), wherre is Reuben?
  c1832   Bracken Co., KY   Death: Charlotte
  1850   Bracken Co., KY   Death: Reuben

Family Photos



Birth Records



Marriage Records

Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940: (FamilySearch.org)

Event Date: 15 Feb 1802
Event Place: Fauquier, Virginia
Spouse's Father's Name: Reubin Strother
GS Film number: 31633
Reference ID: 266

Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850: (Ancestry.com)

Marriage Date: 15 Feb 1802
County: Fauquier
State: Virginia

Death Records



Census Records

1810 Census, Kentucky, Mason County:

  Reuben Elliott 2 males 0-9, 1 male 16-25, 1 male 26-44, 3 females 0-9, 1 female 16-25

1820 Census, Kentucky, Bracken County, Germantown:

  Reuben Elliot 3 males 0-9, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 26-44, 3 females 0-9, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 26-44, 2 engaged in agriculture

1830 Census, Kentucky, Bracken County:

  Chorlotte Elliott 2 male 10-14, 1 male 20-29, 1 female 5-9, 2 females 15-19, 1 female 40-49

Notes and Other Records

To do:

  • Get copy of 1802 marriage record in Fauquier Co., VA.
  • Look for any death records in Bracken Co., KY.
  • Look for more census records. Where was Reuben in 1930?.

Proof of lineage notes:

  • 1802 Fauquier Co., Virginia marriage record shows Reubin Elliott and Charlotte Strother married.
  • 1941 Thompson Family History book states that Reuben and Charlotte Elliott are parents of Dorcas and that she married John H. Thompson, son of Ebenezer Thompson and Elizabeth Howard.
  • Need to find more proof linking Dorcas to Reuben and Charlotte Elliott.

From the Thompson Family History:

All three of the sons of Ebenezer Thompson II, by his first wife, Elizabeth Howard, married daughters of Reuben and Charlottee Elliott, who were residents of Mason County, Kentucky. John H. married Dorcas Elliott; George H. married Julia Ann Elliott; William P. married Serepta Elliott. A brother of these ladies was Martin Elliott, who came to Warren very early and for many years followed his trade, that of shoemaker.

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