Turkey 2015

In April of 2015, Tom and Iris had a great time traveling to Turkey with friends Mark and Anne. With so much history in Turkey and an excellent tour guide named Namik, it was a wonderful two week bus trip. The tour started in Istanbul with visits to St. Sophia, the Hippodrome, the Underground Cistern, Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar, and the Blue Mosque. Traveling to Canakkale, they visited the Anzac Cemetery in Gallipoli. On the way to Kusadasi, they visited the city of Troy and the Asclepion in Pergamum. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting the ancient city of Ephesus. Traveling to Pamukkale, they visited the Necropolis and the city of Hieropolis. In Konya they visited the Mausoleum of Mevlana. Cappadocia was another highlight of the trip with an exciting early morning hot-air ballon ride and an evening Whirling Dervishes ceremony. They also visited the Open Air Museum in Goreme Valley, the Ozkonak Underground City, and one of the many cave houses of Cappadocia. In Ankara they visited the Mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk and the Anatolian Civilizations Museum. Returning to Istanbul, they went on a cruise of the Bosphorus and visited the Spice Market before returning home.

St. Sophia, Istanbul

Hippodrome and Underground Cistern, Istanbul

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Anzac Cemetery in Gallipoli

City of Troy

Asclepion (Roman spa) in Pergamum

Ancient City of Ephesus

House of Virgin Mary and St. John Basilica

Ancient City of Hieropolis

Necropolis (cemetery) outside of Hieropolis

Pamukkale Hot Springs

Mud Bath in Pamukkale

Mausoleum of Mevlana, Konya

Caravanserai of Sultanhan

Cave Home in Cappadocia

Carpet Weaving

Whirling Dervishes Ceremony

Balloon Ride in Cappadocia

Ozkonak Underground City

Pottery Factory

Love Valley

Open Air Museum in Goreme Valley

Camel Ride

Mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk, Ankara

Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Ankara

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise

Farewell Dinner

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