Road Trip August 2020

In August of 2020, Tom and Iris took Mini-B on a road trip to Iowa to spend time with Tom's mom and sister. With COVID-19, this required a 14-day quarantine before the trip and self isolation on the way there. They had a lot of fun in Iowa for 7 days, celebrating mom's 90th birthday, playing Pokemon Go together during the day and Aggravation in the evening. After saying goodbye to family, they continued their road trip, visiting 14 sites managed by the National Park Service on the way back home.

Hitting the road at sunrise!

Muscatine, Iowa

Happy 90th birthday!

Saint Croix NSR, Wisconsin

Mississippi NRRA, Minnesota

Pipestone NM, Minnesota

Knife River Indian Villages NHS, North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt NP, North Dakota

Fort Union Trading Post NHS, North Dakota

Little Bighorn Battlefield NM, Montana

Bighorn Canyon NRA, Montana

Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS, Montana

Big Hole NB, Montana

Yellowstone NP, Wyoming

Grand Teton NP, Wyoming

Snake River, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

Fossil Butte NM, Wyoming

Dinosaur NM, Utah

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