Ecuador & Galapagos 2018

In February of 2018, Tom and Iris had a great time traveling to the Ecuador mainland and the Galapagos Islands with good friends Ron and Liz. This was a two week guided tour with Overseas Adventure Travel that included 10 other travelers and two wonderful tour guides: Diana on the mainland and Andres in the Galapagos. On the mainland, they did a city tour of Quito before flying to Coca where they boarded a boat headed east on the Napo River traveling deeper into the Amazon rain forest. They stayed at the Yarina Lodge for 3 days while exploring the rain forest. In the Galapagos Islands they lived on the Galaxy II catamaran for 7 days while traveling around and exploring the islands. Three or four times every day they traveled by dinghy to go snorkeling or explore an island. They visited the following islands: Santa Cruz, Isabela, Fernandina, Santiago, Rabida, and Bartolome. The highlight of the trip was the amazing snorkeling and marine life.

Quito, Ecuador

Napo River to Yarina Lodge, Amazon Rain Forest, Ecuador

Exploring the Amazon Rain Forest

Wildlife in the Rain Forest

Visit local school and home-hosted lunch (Ron's gourmet grubs!)

Coca, Ecuador

Andean towns of Chilcapamba and Otavalo

Fly to Galapagos, embark on Galaxy II, Santa Cruz Island

Cruise to Isabela Island

Continue exploring west side of Isabela Island

Cruise to Fernandina Island and back to Isabela Island

Cruise to west side of Santiago Island and Rabida Island

Cruise to north side of Santa Cruz Island

Cruise to east side of Santiago Island and Bartolome Island

Cruise back to south side of Santa Cruz Island

Back to the mainland, on the Equator

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