Antarctica 2013


In December of 2013, Tom and his brother-in-law Jim, departed on an expedition to Antarctica, traveling with Grand Circle. They first flew to Buenos Aires for two days, where they toured the city and ate more than their share of empanadas. They then flew to Ushuaia at the southern tip of South America. Here they hiked in the beautiful Tierra del Fuego National Park and spent an afternoon on a catamaran exploring the Beagle Channel with islands covered with Cormorants and sea lions. They boarded the Corinthian II (photo on right) for their nine day expedition to Antarctica. Crossing Drake Passage got a little rough, but they enjoyed spending time on deck observing a variety of sea birds, including the Wandering Albatross. Cruising through the South Shetland Islands and along the Antarctic Peninsula was spectacular, with numerous shore landings in Zodiacs for hiking, observing the many penguins, and visiting a research base.

Uruguay museum ship docked in Buenos Aires, 1903 Antarctica rescue mission

La Boca, colorful bohemian district in Buenos Aires

Ushuaia, Argentina

Hiking in Tierra del Fuego National Park

Exploring Beagle Channel on catamaran

Crossing Drake Passage, bird watching

First iceberg sighting

First Zodiac landing on Aitcho Island to visit Gentoo and Chinstrap rookeries

Zodiac landing at Port Lockroy, historic British research station

Zodiac landing at Jaugla Point

Sunny day on deck

Captain on the job

Zodiac landing on Danco Island

Fourth landing of the day for evening hike

Full moon on deck

Zodiac cruise through Leith Cove in Paradise Bay

Polar Plunge at Orne Island

Whale watching on deck

The Wandering Glorious Drunken Ancient Mariners with tour director David

Cape Horn, back to civilization

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