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Family Group Sheet

Husband:   William York (served in the Revolutionary War)

Born:   Abt 1755 in:   NC or VA
Died:   06 Sep 1839 in:   Cass Co., IN
Father:   John York (c1720-1778)
Mother:   Sarah Horner (c1732-c1758)

Wife:   Lydia Burson (or Busson)

Married:   Abt 1781 in:   NC
Born:   Abt 1762 in:  
Died:   1841 in:   Cass Co., IN
Father:   Joseph Busson, Jr. (c1720-1801)
Mother:   Mary Shaw (c1721-)


1   M       Name:   Aaron B York
Born:   1782 in:   Wilkes Co., GA
Died:   1820 in:   OH
Married:   in:  
Spouse:   (widowed with 2 children)
Born:   in:  
Died:   in:  

2   M       Name:   Joseph York
Born:   1783 in:   Wilkes Co., GA
Died:   1783 in:   Wilkes Co., GA

3   F       Name:   Mary York
Born:   1783 in:   Wilkes Co., GA
Died:   in:   Greencastle, Putnam Co., IN
Married:   in:   GA
Spouse:   Thomas J Moore
Born:   in:  
Died:   in:  

4   M       Name:   Newberry York
Born:   06 Sep 1784 in:   Wilkes Co., GA
Died:   31 Mar 1866 in:   Darke Co., OH
Married:   07 Jan 1804 in:   Johnson Co., GA
Spouse:   Nancy A Slade
Born:   09 Jun 1784 in:   Wilkes Co., GA
Died:   07 Oct 1874 in:   York Twp, Darke Co., OH
Children:   Joseph York (1804-1862) m. Mary Baker (c1804-)
William York (1806-1877) m. Catherine Whitman (1806-)
Jeremiah York (1809-1862) m. Nancy Woods (1810-1845) m. Deidamia Mendenhall (1818-1873)
Nicholas Slade York (1812-1901) m. Jemima Ward (1815-1905)
Diadama York (1815-1885) m. James Miller (1808-1867)
Jeptha York (1818-1843) m. Eliza Jane Willis (1823-1843)
Lewis York (1822-)
Rebecca York (1824-1907) m. Samuel Armstrong (1818-1876)
Newberry E York (1828-1876) m. Mary Gilbert (1835-1921)

5   M       Name:   William York
Born:   1786 in:   Wilkes Co., GA
Died:   1799 in:   Warren Co., GA

6   M       Name:   Jeptha York (1788-1846)
Spouse:   Susanna Slade (1793-1882)

7   F       Name:   Mahala York
Born:   25 Mar 1793 in:   Columbia Co., GA
Died:   1828 in:   Preble Co., OH
Married:   22 Feb 1810 in:   Preble Co., OH
Spouse:   John R Williams
Born:   06 May 1789 in:   Brunswick Co., VA
Died:   21 Apr 1863 in:   Preble Co., OH
Children:   Elizabeth Williams (1810-1829) m. Enoch Morgan Pribble (1807-1840)
William York Williams (1812-) m. Sarah Tomlinson
Lydia Williams (1814-) m. John Shull (1811-)
Nancy Williams (1816-1838) m. George C Hansell
Clarissa Williams (1817-) m. Samuel Tingle
Jesse Williams (1820-) m. Clarissa Kinsey
Isaac B Williams (1822-) m. Elizabeth Ann Smith
John G Williams (1823-) m. Louisa Sellers (c1827-)
Jeptha D Williams (1825-) m. Barzella Sellers (c1829-)
Mahala Williams (1828-1829)

8   F       Name:   Clementine York
Born:   04 Aug 1795 in:   Warren Co., GA
Died:   12 Jan 1887 in:   Austin, TX
Married:   27 Sep 1818 in:   Preble Co., OH
Spouse:   James Bratton Elliott
Born:   06 Aug 1797 in:  
Died:   13 Jun 1836 in:   White Co., IN
Children:   Lydia F Elliott (1824-1848) m. John E Dale
Mahala Elliott (1829-1914) m. Levi Scott (1826-1913)
James Bratton Elliott (1829-1910) m. Elizabeth Burntrager (1830-1893)
George Elliott (1834-1844)
Amanda Elliott (1834-1844)

9   F       Name:   Diadama York
Born:   1797 in:   Warren Co., GA
Died:   17 Sep 1858 in:   Cass Co., IN
Married:   21 Oct 1814 in:   Preble Co., OH
Spouse:   John Winegardner
Born:   1788 in:   Salisbury Dist, Guilford Co., NC
Died:   29 Oct 1868 in:   Cass Co., IN
Children:   Joseph Busson Winegardner (1815-1888) m. Julian McCreen (1818-1851) m. Mary Jane McCain (1824-1895)
Clarissa Diadama Winegardner (1817-1900) m. James D McClure (-1847) m. Enos Harris (1812-1880)
William York Winegardner (1821-1905) m. Margaret Wiley (1822-1854) m. Nancy Demos (1822-1877)
    m. Caroline Graham (1839-1879) m. Esther Coleman (1834-1905)
Lydia Caroline Winegardner (1822-1900) m. Enos Huron Stewart
John Newberry Winegardner (1826-1845)
Benjamin Franklin Winegardner (1831-1880) m. Sarah Sims (1831-1880)
Aaron Seamore Winegardner (1833-1864) m. Anna H Harris

10   F       Name:   Clarissa York
Born:   1802 in:   Warren Co., GA
Died:   in:  
Spouseless child:   Julia Ann York (c1820-1862) m. James Hicks (1815-1898)
Married:   05 Aug 1830 in:   Preble Co., OH
Spouse:   John King Mattox
Born:   1809 in:   OH
Died:   in:  
Children:   Matilda Mattox (1837-1839)

Biography and Timeline

Compiled in 1981 by Lydia Jane Brothers and Annabelle Toliver:

William YORK was born in Virginia in 1755. At age 22 he enlisted in the 1st Regiment. Col. Thomas Clark's. Capt. Dixon's Company in the North Carolina line. His house was burned by the British in North Carolina when all his household furniture, which was small was destroyed. He was in the battle of Brandywine and others. He was captured by the British and endured hardships and privations. He either escaped or was exchanged and went back into service again in North Carolina and continued until the end of the Revolutionary War, when he received a honorable discharge. YORK was married to Lydia BUSSON in 1781 in North Carolina and had the following children: Aaron, Joseph, Mary (MOORE), Newberry, William, Jeptha, Nahala (WILLIAMS), Diamy (WINGARDNER), Clemenla (ELLIOTT), and Carissa(MADDAUGH).

YORK moved from North Carolina to Wrights borough, Georgia and lived 22 year he then moves to Preble County, Ohio where he lived until 1835 and then removed to Cass County, Indiana where he died Sept. 6, 1839 and buried in Davis County, his wife dies in spring of 1841.


  Date:   Place:   Event:
  c1755   NC or VA   Birth: William
  c1762     Birth: Lydia
  1777   NC   Military: William enlisted
  c1781   NC   Marriage: William and Lydia
  c1784   Warren Co., GA   Moved to Georgia shortly after war
  c1804   Preble Co., OH   Moved to Ohio
  1820   Preble Co., OH   Census: William (age 45+), female (age 45+)
  1830   Preble Co., OH   Census: William (age 80-89), female (age 70-79)
  c1835   Cass Co., IN   Moved to Indiana
  1839   Cass Co., IN   Death: William
  1841   Cass Co., IN   Death: Lydia

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Death Records


William York
Lydia Busson

Davis Cemetery
Burnettsville, Cass Co., IN

Census Records

1820 Census, Ohio, Preble County, Twin Township:

  William York 1 male 16-18, 1 male 45+, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 45+, 1 engaged in agriculture

1830 Census, Ohio, Preble County, Twin Township:

  William York 1 male 5-9, 1 male 10-14, 1 male 15-19, 1 male 80-89, 1 female 5-9, 1 female 20-29, 1 female 70-79

Notes and Other Records

To do:

  • Get copy of William York and Some of his Descendants.
  • Look for death records.

Proof of lineage notes:

  • 1852 court deposition of Newberry York states that William York was married to Lydia Busson and that their children were: Aaron, Joseph, Mary, Newberry, William, Jeptha, Mahala, Diamy, Clementa, and Clarissa.

William was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. At the age of 22, he enlisted in the 1st. Regiment, Col. Thomas Clark, Captain Dixon's Company of the North Carolina Line. He received an honorable discharge at the end of the war.

Lived 23 years in Warren County, GA after leaving Randolph Co., NC about 1781.

From notes received from Wally Garchow in 1996:

Because the following deposition by his son Newberry York is the only known personal account concerning the family and military career of William York, it is transcribed in its entirety from a photocopy of the original. The deponent's petition was later denied.

"On this 18th day of October A.D. 1852 personally appeared in open court in the Probate Court of the county of Darke and State of Ohio Newberry York of said county aged sixty seven years, who being duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following statement in order on behalf of himself and other children of William York, late of the county of Cass and State of Indiana, to obtain the benefit as such heirs of the provisions of the several acts of Congress granting pensions to Revolutionary Soldiers, and particular by the Act of 1828 --

"That said William York as deponent is informed and believes enlisted in the Army of the United States about the commencement of the War of the Revolution" [inserted above line: "about the year 1777] in the State of North Carolina, but the town from which and the precise time of his enlistment deponent cannot state -- Said William York about the commencement of the War lived in the State of Virginia near the North Carolina line -- Deponent is informed said William York was taken prisoner by the British, and remained some time in captivity, but subsequently was exchanged or made his escape and went into service again in the State of North Carolina -- The names of the officers under whom, and the number of the Regiment in which he served, except he is informed, he served a part of the time under Captain Dixon, are not known to Deponent, nor the precise period of his service, but that he enlisted during the war, and continued in service until the end of said Revolutionary War when he received an honorable discharge, but which deponent says he supposes is now lost or destroyed, as it cannot no be found -- But Deponent recollects, about twenty five years ago hearing said William York and one Martin Nickles talking about the discharge of said William York, and he said that he had his discharge, but Deponent has not heard of it since --

"Deponent further states that said William York was married to Lydia Busson, probably about the year A.D. 1781, but of the precise time he is not certain, in North Carolina, and had by her children and heirs at law as follows: Aaron York who was drowned in 1820, aged about 40 years and left a widow and two children living, who went South about ten days after said Aaron's death, and have never been heard of since by this deponent -- Next Joseph York, who died when about two weeks old -- Mary who married Thomas I. Moore, and last fall was living in Greencastle, Indiana. Newberry York the deponent who now lives in Darke county, Ohio, aged sixty seven years -- William York who died aged about thirteen years, leaving no heirs -- Jeptha York who died in 1845, leaving a widow, two boys and five girls, all of whom were living last fall in Cass county, Indiana -- Mahala York, who married John Williams, and died in 1827 in Preble county, Ohio, leaving a husband and seven children but only three are now living -- Diamy York, who married John Winegardner, and now lives in Cass county, Indiana -- Clementa York who married James Elliott and now lives in Cass county, Indiana -- Clarissa York who married John Mattox and now lives in White county, Indiana.

"Deponent further states that his father William York died as he is informed and believes on the 6th day of September A.D. 1839 in Cass county, Indiana and was as he thinks about eighty four years of age at the time of his death -- Deponent further states that his said father left a widow Lydia York, to whom he was married as aforesaid, who, as he is informed & believes died as his widow in the Spring of 1841 in Cass county, Indiana, aged about seventy nine years.

"Deponent further states that soon after the close of said Revolutionary War, not more than a year, if that long, he moved to Warren County, State of Georgia, but which county has since been divided and that part called Columbia county, where he resided about twenty one" [inserted above line: "or two] years. He then moved to Preble county, Ohio, where he resided untill about A.D. 1835, and then removed to Cass county, Indiana where he died aforesaid. Deponent knows of no documentary evidence except what may be found at the War and State departments, to prove the service of his father. Nor does he know of any person now living, by whom said service can be proven, as those who served with him are probably dead.

"Deponent has frequently from his earliest recollections heard his father speaking and talking about being in the Revolutionary War and the Battles he was in, and thinks he named the Battle of Brandywine and others, and of captivity and hardships & privations endured. Deponent has heard his father talk of his house being burned by the British, in North Carolina, where all his household furniture, which was small, was destroyed. Deponent has seen his father have Continental Money, which he said he got from his service in said War, and one Bill his father gave him, which Deponent kept a long time but supposes is lost now."

[signed] "Newberry York"
"Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 18th day of October 1852"
[signed] "John Wharry Probate Judge" in Darke Co., OH.

NOTE: I believe that Newberry is in error concerning his father's move to Georgia. An analysis of the formation of early Georgia counties reveals that Warren Co. was formed from Columbia Co. in 1793 and Columbia Co. formed from Richmond Co. in 1790. However, when Columbia was newly formed it's western portion had been considered part of Wilkes Co. If we postulate that William York settled in a southwestern portion of Wilkes Co., GA, before 1790, then that land might in turn have become Columbia Co. in 1790, and finally Warren Co. by 1793. It remained Warren Co. until the YORKs migrated to Preble Co., OH abt 1808.

Company Roster of Captain James Reid's Company on 8 September 1778:
It shows William York in this Company and that he enlisted in the Continental Army on 9 August 1777; about a month before the Battle of Brandywine or Brandywine Creek on 11 September 1777.

military record

1852 Revolutionary War claim made by Newberry York:

pension app pension app pension app

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