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Family Group Sheet

Husband:   Nicholas Slade

Born:   Abt 1748 in:   MLM Lot 38, Baltimore Co., MD
Died:   24 Mar 1799 in:   Wilkes Co., GA
Father:   Josias Slade (1718-1776)
Mother:   Mary Day (1713-)

Wife:   Martha "Polly" Amos

Married:   Bef 1780 in:  
Born:   9 Jun 1748 in:   Harford Co., MD
Died:   Bef Mar 1803 in:   Wilkes Co., GA


1   F       Name:   Mary "Polly" Slade
Born:   Bef 1783 in:   MD
Died:   Abt 1803-1806 in:   Wilkes Co., GA

2   M       Name:   Josiah Slade
Born:   Bef 1783 in:   MD
Died:   Abt 1799-1803 in:   Wilkes Co., GA

3   F       Name:   Nancy A Slade
Born:   09 Jun 1784 in:   MD
Died:   07 Oct 1874 in:   Darke Co., OH
Married:   05 Jan 1804 in:   GA
Spouse:   Newberry York
Born:   06 Sep 1784 in:   Wilkes Co., GA
Died:   31 Mar 1866 in:   York Twp, Darke Co., OH
Children:   Joseph York (1804-1862) m. Mary Baker (c1804-)
William York (1806-1877) m. Catherine Whitman (1806-)
Jeremiah York (1809-1862) m. Nancy Woods (1810-1845) m. Deidamia Mendenhall (1818-1873)
Nicholas Slade York (1812-1901) m. Jemima Ward (1815-1905)
Diadama York (1815-1885) m. James Miller (1808-1867)
Jeptha York (1818-1843) m. Eliza Jane Willis (1823-1843)
Lewis York (1822-)
Rebecca York (1824-1907) m. Samuel Armstrong (1818-1876)
Newberry E York (1828-1876) m. Mary Gilbert (1835-1921)

4   F       Name:   Charlotte Slade
Born:   Abt 1785 in:   MD
Died:   Aft 1860 in:   Darke Co., OH
Spouseless child:   John Slade (1811-1871) m. Eliza Ann Weaver (1814-1890)
Married:   01 Nov 1817 in:   Preble Co., OH
Spouse:   Isaac G Vanatta
Born:   Abt 1780 in:   NJ
Died:   Bef 1860 in:   Darke Co., OH
Children:   Aaron Vanatta (1818-1895) m. Laura Branch (1826-1875) m. Elizabeth Folkerth m. Susanna Jobes
Isaac I Vanatta (1822-1909) m. Jane Hogwood (1823-1896)
Sarah Jane Vanatta (1828-1920) m. John Townsend (1826-)
Gilbert Vanatta (c1829-1916) m. Louisa Folkerth (1831-)
Susannah Vanatta (c1831-1880) m. Riley Branch (1824-)

5   F       Name:   Sarah "Sally" Slade
Born:   Abt 1787 in:   MD
Died:   Abt 1799-1803 in:   Wilkes Co., GA

6   F       Name:   Belinda Slade
Born:   Abt 1790 in:   MD
Died:   Aft 1850 in:   Jasper Co., GA
Married:   01 Dec 1806 in:   Warren Co., GA
Spouse:   John Digby
Born:   1786 in:   Baltimore Co., MD
Died:   1818 in:   Jasper Co., GA
Children:   Berry Tolbert Digby (1809-1871) m. Janice Hutchinson (1812-1869)
Lucinda C Digby (1810-1874) m. John Wesley Lamb (1802-1872)
John Berry Digby (1815-1882) m. Unity Lawrence (1822-1857)
Elizabeth M Digby (1817-) m. Milton P Walthall (1810-)
Married:   24 Aug 1828 in:   Jasper Co., GA
Spouse:   David Smith
Born:   Abt 1786 in:   VA
Died:   Aft 1850 in:   Jasper Co., GA

7   F       Name:   Martha A "Patsy" Slade
Born:   08 Jan 1793 in:   Wilkes Co., GA
Died:   03 Dec 1883 in:   Jasper Co., GA
Married:   25 Feb 1807 in:   Warren Co., GA
Spouse:   Benjamin Chapman
Born:   in:  
Died:   Bef May 1812 in:   GA
Married:   28 May 1812 in:   Jasper Co., GA
Spouse:   William Penn
Born:   31 Jul 1762 in:   Charles Co., MD
Died:   26 Jul 1836 in:   Monticello, Jasper Co., GA
Children:   John Penn (1813-)
Katherine Penn (1815-)
Sallie Penn (1817-)
William Champion Penn (1818-1879) m. Celina Hardman Smith
Stephen Augustus Penn (1821-1882)
Martha Elizabeth Penn (1824-1913) m. Russell Brown m. Wright Murphy Carter (1830-1909)
    m. Robert Young Rodgers (1817-1893)
Mary Ann Penn (1828-1888) m. Daniel Roberts (1820-1884)
Joseph Penn (1831-1864)

8   F       Name:   Susanna Slade (1793-1882)
Spouse:   Jeptha York (1788-1846)

9   F       Name:   Rebecca Slade
Born:   04 Apr 1794 in:   Wilkes Co., GA
Died:   11 Feb 1853 in:   Darke Co., OH
Married:   29 Jun 1813 in:   Montgomery Co., OH
Spouse:   William Westfall
Born:   1791 in:   VA
Died:   21 Jan 1852 in:   Greenville Twp, Darke Co., OH
Children:   John Slade Westfall (c1814-1897) m. Susannah Stultz (1831-1868) m. Effie Westfall (1813-1849)
Hannah Westfall (c1816-1893) m. Jacob Sawyer (1806-1888)
Nancy Westfall (1823-1863) m. Jacob Fetter m. John Jeremiah Hartzel (1815-1854)
James Westfall (c1825-1864) m. Elizabeth Guntrum (1826-)
Susannah Westfall (1827-1853) m. David C Kreitzer (1828-)
Martha Patsy Westfall (c1828-1853) m. Michael Spade (1828-)

Biography and Timeline


  Date:   Place:   Event:
  c1748   Baltimore Co., MD   Birth: Nicholas
  ?     Birth: Martha
  Bef 1780     Marriage: Nicholas and Martha
  1787   Wilkes Co., GA   Land: Nicholas purchases land
  c1799   Wilkes Co., GA   Death: Nicholas
  c1806   Wilkes Co., GA   Death: Martha

Family Photos

Nicholas Slade York (grandson of Nicholas Slade) with wife Jemima (Ward) and family:

family photo

Birth Records



Marriage Records



Death Records

Last Will and Testament of Nicholas Slade:

State of Georgia Wilkes County The last will and testament of NICHOLAS SLADE of the county and state aforesaid. I, Nicholas Slade, planter, being in a low state of health and weak in body, but in my perfect mind and memory, make and ordain this my Last Will and Testaement in manner and form as follows, that is to say: It is my will that all lawful demands or debts against me be paid. It is further my will that the tract of land whereon I live be disposed of in the following manner: I lend to my beloved wife, Martha Slade, one hundred Acres of land including the plantation and improvements whereon I now live during her natural life. I likewise lend to my wife all and singular the stock of every kind except a bay horse colt during her life. I lend to my said wife, all my goods and chattels and household funriture: one bed to each of my daughters that are not now married during her life. I give to my son, Josiah Slade, one hundred (acres) of woodland at the north end of the tract whereon I now live not taking of any part of the improvements and after the death of my said wife, I give to my son, Josiah, the other hundred acres of land including the improvements whereon I now live. I give to my son, Josiah, a bay horse colt. I give to my beloved daughter, Polly Slade, one feather bed. I give to my beloved daughters, Belinda, Nancy, Sally, Patsey, Charlotte, Susanna and Rebeckah as they come of age, a feather bed each. It is my further will that at the death of my beloved wife that all the stock, goods, chattles and furniture be sold and equally divide the money arising between the daughters above named. I appoint my beloved wife, Martha Slade and my son, Josiah Slade, executors to this my last will and testament done the 24th day of March, 1799 and in the twenty third year of American Independence. In testament whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal (Signed) Nicholas Slade Signed in presence of: Thomas Porter Mary (her (X) mark) Slade Josiah (x) Slade

Census Records

1790 Reconstructed Census, Georgia, Wilkes County, page 168:

  Nicholas Slade  

Notes and Other Records

To do:

  • Get copy of will for Nicholas, signed 24 Mar 1799, but no probate until 9 Mar 1803, Wilkes Co., GA.

Proof of lineage notes:

  • 1799 will for Nicholas lists the following children: Josiah, Polly, Belinda, Nancy, Sally, Martha, Charlotte, Susanna, and Rebecca.

Rebecca Slade, wife of William Westfall, was born about 1793 in Georgia and was the youngest child of her parents, Nicholas Slade (a Revolutionary War Patriot) and Martha Amos both of whom died before 1803 in Georgia. Rebecca, as an orphan, along with other sisters came to Ohio with their eldest sister, Nancy A. Slade, who had married 1804 in Georgia to Newberry York, s/o William York & Lydia Burson. Following the SLADE parents' deaths, Newberry York paid the land taxes for his new wife and her unmarried sisters' Georgia property in 1805. They then left Georgia for Ohio with his YORK family. Sister, Susannah Slade, married March 1808 Preble County, Ohio to Jeptha York. Sister, Charlotte Slade (mother of John Slade b 1811) married 1817 in Ohio to Isaac G. Vanatta. Other sisters remained in Georgia. (Children of Nicholas Slade and Martha "Patsy" Amos: Josiah, Mary "Polly", Nancy A., Charlotte, Sally, Belinda Bell, Martha A., Susannah, & Rebecca.)

Sources and Credits

  • The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Georgia.
  • 1799 last will and testament of Nicholas Slade.
  • Data received from Wally Garchow in 1996.
  • Data from family trees at Ancestry.com.
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