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Family Group Sheet

Husband:   John Stephen Pribble, Jr.

Born:   15 Aug 1736 in:   Harford Co., MD
Died:   Abt 1804 in:   Bracken Co., KY or Brown Co., OH
Father:   John Stephen Pribble, Sr. (1697-1776)
Mother:   Nancy Ann Gallion (c1700-)

1st Wife:   Elizabeth Logg

Married:   21 Oct 1755 in:   St Georges Parish, Harford, MD
Born:   1740 in:   Baltimore Co., MD
Died:   1758 in:   St Georges Parish, Harford, MD


1   M       Name:   John Pribble
Born:   1759 in:   St George Parish, Harford, Baltimore Co., MD
Died:   14 Oct 1850 in:   Campbell Co., VA
Married:   1780 in:  
Spouse:   Elizabeth Mason
Born:   1763 in:  
Died:   in:  
Children:   Millicent Pribble (1781-)
Isabella Pribble (1783-)
John R Pribble (1785-) m. Levenia Whealing (1790-)
Jacob A Pribble (1787-1822)
Mary Pribble (1791-1860)
Henry Pribble (1796-)
Elizabeth Pribble (c1798-)

2nd Wife:   Clemency Bond

Married:   1761 in:   Baltimore Co., MD
Born:   12 May 1745 in:   St John's Parish, Harford Co., MD
Died:   19 Jul 1815 in:   Circleville, Pickaway Co., OH
Father:   Benjamin Bond (1719-)
Mother:   Clemency Taylor (1714-)


1   M       Name:   James Pribble
Born:   08 Jan 1762 in:   St George Parish, Harford, Baltimore Co., MD
Died:   04 Jun 1851 in:   Pendleton Co., KY
Married:   15 May 1783 in:   Washington Co., PA
Spouse:   Margaret Pribble
Born:   1 Jun 1764 in:   Harford, Baltimore Co., MD
Died:   3 Apr 1860 in:   Pendleton Co., KY
Children:   Letty Pribble m. Rueben Hunter
Georgia Pribble
Charlotte Charity Pribble (1784-1829) m. Charles Van Bonar
William Pribble (1786-1860) m. Mary Jane Barnhill (1788-1863)
Samuel Pribble (1788-1872)
Mary Polly Pribble (1791-1863) m. Daniel Fisher
Clemency Pribble (1794-1816) m. William Taylor
Thomas Pribble (1796-1849) m. Mary Barnhill
Letty Pribble (1801-1887)
Reuben Pribble (1804-1866) m. Sarah Earles
Lucinda Pribble (1808-) m. Reece Lewis

2   F       Name:   Rachel Pribble
Born:   1769 in:   St George Parish, Harford, MD
Died:   1 Mar 1852 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Married:   1790 in:  
Spouse:   Levi Moulton
Born:   Abt 1770 in:  
Died:   1823 in:  
Children:   Clemency Moulton (1797-) m. William Hamilton

3   F       Name:   Sallie Pribble
Born:   Abt 1771 in:   Baltimore Co., MD
Died:   in:  
Married:   in:  
Spouse:   John Young
Born:   in:  
Died:   in:  

4   F       Name:   Millicent Pribble
Born:   Abt 1773 in:  
Died:   in:  
Married:   13 Dec 1799 in:   Campbell Co., VA
Spouse:   William Elliott
Born:   in:  
Died:   in:  

5   M       Name:   John Stephen Pribble
Born:   27 Jul 1774 in:   Ft. Redstone, Brownsville, Washington Co., PA
Died:   25 Jun 1859 in:   Gettysburg, Preble Co., OH
Married:   23 Nov 1799 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Spouse:   Jane Rogers
Born:   12 May 1778 in:   VA
Died:   27 May 1828 in:   Olean, Ripley Co., IN
Children:   Gafton Preston Preble (1800-1865) m. Mary Polly Sams (1796-1870)
Henry Rogers Preble (1802-1893) m. Cynthia Ann Hendricks (1814-1904)
Bernard Bennett Preble (1803-1864) m. Elizabeth Maddox (1804-1886)
Benjamin F Preble (1804-) m. Polly Evins
Mary S Preble (1806-) m.
Alexander J Preble (1808-1873) m. Lydia Maddox (1809-1888)
Clemency Preble (1809-1897) m. William H Johnson
John Stephen Preble (1816-1904) m. Margaret Hunter (-1859) m. Sarah Litts (1844-1883) m. Letta Anderson
Married:   10 Nov 1831 in:   Preble Co., OH
Spouse:   Jane Melling Ware
Born:   12 May 1780 in:   KY
Died:   27 Apr 1861 in:   Gettysburg, Preble Co., OH

6   M       Name:   Benjamin Bond Pribble (c1779-1837)
Spouse:   Lucretia Marshall (c1783-1826)

7   M       Name:   Bernard P Pribble
Born:   15 May 1780 or 15 Apr 1783 in:   Washington Co., PA
Died:   21 Feb 1839 in:   Fountain Co., IN
Married:   in:  
Spouse:   Elizabeth Cox
Born:   Abt 1780 in:  
Died:   in:  
Married:   24 Jan 1807 in:   Bracken Co., KY
Spouse:   Amelia Carr
Born:   29 Aug 1789 in:   Washington Co., PA
Died:   12 Nov 1863 in:   Fountain Co., IN
Children:   Gabriella Pribble m. Honsicker
Mary Pribble m. George R Minier
Rufus Pribble
James J Pribble (1812-1843)
Samuel Winfield Pribble (1821-1897) m. Margaret Ann Nichol m. Rachel Rogers
William Pribble (1830-1854) m. Sarah Romine

8   F       Name:   Clemency B Pribble
Born:   26 Sep 1781 in:   MD
Died:   1812 in:   Scott, KY
Married:   Abt 1796 in:   Scott, KY
Spouse:   Daniel Barnhill
Born:   Abt 1762 in:   Bucks, PA
Died:   1822 in:   Scott, KY
Children:   James Barnhill (c1797-) m. Nancy
Anna Barnhill (c1800-) m. Lewis Fields (c1808-)
Clemency P Barnhill (c1801-) m. Henry Gaines
Samuel S Barnhill (1804-1890) m. Mary Ann James (1808-1899)
Alice Barnhill (c1806-) m. Joseph Guffey
Amelia Barnhill (c1807-) m. William Rankin (c1810-)
Jane Barnhill (c1811-) m. Patrick Mulinix (1804-)

Biography and Timeline


  Date:   Place:   Event:
  1736   Harford Co., MD   Birth: John
  1745   Harford Co., MD   Birth: Clemency
  1755     Marriage: John and Elizabeth
  1761     Marriage: John and Clemency
  1767   MD   Land: John sold land received from father in 1761
  c1804   KY or OH?   Death: John
  1815   Pickaway Co., OH   Death: Clemency

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Death Records

Clemency Bond Pribble was buried in the first cemetery in Pickaway County, Ohio. It is nestled in a wooded area on a farm settled by Caleb Evans in 1796 (near Circleville).

Montilius-Evans Cemetery photo and comment by Melanie Mann 8/18/2011:

The sign marking the cemetery is very telling for the conditions here. No one has made any effort to maintain this site. Few stones remain upright; fewer even are legible. It is possible that a downed marker has the name Clemency Pribble, but it is not visible at this time.


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Notes and Other Records

To do:

  • Look for marriage and death records.
  • Look for census records.

Proof of lineage notes:

  • Still looking for proof.

In 1767, John Jr. sold the land in Maryland that he received from his father in 1761.

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