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Family Group Sheet

Husband:   Henry Thomas (served in the Revolutionary War)

Born:   03 May 1756 in:   Tulpehocken, Berks Co., PA
Died:   14 Sep 1836 in:   Rush Co., IN
Father:   Jacob Thomas (c1740-1804)
Mother:   Margaret

Wife:   Mary ?

Married:   Jun 1782 in:   PA
Born:   Abt 1767 in:   PA
Died:   1851 in:   Ripley Co., IN


1   M       Name:   Jacob Thomas
Born:   30 Oct 1784 in:   PA
Died:   10 Sep 1855 in:   Bradley Co., TN
Married:   29 Feb 1812 in:   Blount Co., TN
Spouse:   Margaret Elizabeth Neiman
Born:   1786 in:   TN
Died:   10 Jun 1888 in:   Bradley Co., TN
Children:   Hettie Lillie Esther Thomas (1812-1897) m. Jacob Adam Carver (1799-)
Mary "Polly" Thomas (c1813-) m. James M Ervin
Wilson Thomas (c1815-1891) m. Tresa Wetson m. Sarah Ann Schoat
Catherine "Caty Ann" Thomas (c1820-) m. Beard Waller

2   M       Name:   Henry Thomas
Born:   17 Jun 1786 in:   PA
Died:   in:  
Married:   in:  
Born:   in:  
Died:   in:  

3   F       Name:   Margaret "Peggy" Thomas
Born:   21 Sep 1787 in:   PA
Died:   8 Feb 1856 in:   Rush Co., IN
Married:   Abt 1826 in:   Butler Co., OH
Spouse:   Adam Thomas Warfield (had 8 children with 1st wife Mary Bowman)
Born:   Abt 1774 in:   Franklin Co., PA
Died:   11 May 1863 in:   Manilla, IN
Children:   Margaret Warfield
James Rafer Warfield (1827-)
William Warfield

4   F       Name:   Elizabeth Thomas
Born:   9 Apr 1790 in:   Knox Co., TN
Died:   in:   Butler Co., OH
Married:   8 Feb 1810 in:   Butler Co., OH
Spouse:   Stephen Scudder
Born:   Abt 1785 in:  
Died:   in:  
Married:   22 Dec 1816 in:   Butler Co., OH
Spouse:   Joseph Buckley
Born:   Abt 1790 in:   OH
Died:   in:  

5   F       Name:   Barbara Thomas (1792-1855)
Spouse:   Henry Hanshew (1783-1866)

6   F       Name:   Mary "Polly" Ann Thomas (1795-1855)
Spouse:   Jacob Balser (c1789-1844)

7   M       Name:   George William Thomas
Born:   9 Apr 1798 in:   Blount Co., TN
Died:   9 Jan 1869 in:   Rush Co., IN
Married:   27 Nov 1818 in:   Butler Co., OH
Spouse:   Elizabeth Elder
Born:   17 Jul 1797 in:   TN
Died:   18 Jan 1869 in:   Rush Co., IN

8   F       Name:   Susannah "Susan" Thomas
Born:   8 Jan 1802 in:   Blount Co., TN
Died:   17 Apr 1870 in:   Georgetown, Vermilion Co., IL
Married:   2 Mar 1819 in:   Ripley Co., IN
Spouse:   James Stevens
Born:   Abt 1799 in:   KY
Died:   21 Jun 1876 in:   Vermilion Co., IL

9   F       Name:   Anna Elizabeth Thomas
Born:   8 Jan 1802 in:   Blount Co., TN
Died:   in:  
Married:   16 Jan 1817 in:   Butler Co., OH
Spouse:   Michael Castator
Born:   1794-1800 in:   PA
Died:   1850 in:   Butler Co., OH
Children:   George Washington Castator (c1817-) m. Eliza Watson (c1820-) m. Margaret
Abigail Castator (1819-1880) m. Henry Watson (1817-1906)
Mary Ann Castator (c1820-) m. William Culver (c1817-)
Elizabeth Castator (c1825-) m. John Morris (c1820-)
Balinda Castator (1825-1896) m. Levi Tucker (1820-1902)
son Castator (c1827-) Susannah N Castator (1831-1924) m. Richard Lines (1829-1880)
Ira Ishmael Castator (1839-1923) m. Florence Joan Jackson (1848-1923)

Biography and Timeline

Henry Thomas was born in Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania in 1756, the son of Jacob and Margaret Thomas. At the age of 25, in September of 1781 in Northumberland County, he enlisted, joining the Revolutionary War. He served for seven months as an orderly sergeant in Captain John Ingram's Pennsylvania Company. After his military service, Henry was married to Mary, probably in June of 1782. They had the following children: Jacob in 1784, Henry in 1786, Margaret in 1787, Elizabeth in 1790, Barbara in 1792, Mary in 1795, George in 1798, and twins, Susannah and Anna, in 1802.

After the war, Henry and Mary moved from Pennsylvania to Tennessee, where they lived for 26 years. From Tennessee, they moved to Ohio and then on to Indiana. The family was one of the earliest land owners in the Indiana Teritory, purchasing land in 1807. This land later became part of Ripley County. While still living in Ripley County in 1833, Henry was allowed a pension for his military service. Henry died three years later in 1836 at the age of 80. Mary lived for another 15 years until 1851.


  Date:   Place:   Event:
  1756   PA, Berks Co.   Birth: Henry
  Abt 1765   PA   Birth: Mary
  1781   PA, Northumberland Co.   Military: Henry enlisted in Revolutionary War
  1782   PA   Marriage: Henry and Mary
  1800   TN, Blount Co.   Tax List: Henry (lived in TN for 26 years)
  1801   TN, Blount Co.   Tax List: Henry
  1807   IN, Ripley Co.   Land purchase: Henry
  1820   IN, Ripley Co.   Census: Henry (age 45+) agriculture, female (age 45+)
  1833   IN, Ripley Co.   Military: Henry allowed pension
  1836   IN, Rush Co.   Death: Henry
  1843   IN, Rush Co.   Military: Mary allowed pension
  1850   IN, Rush Co.   Census: Mary (age 80?) living with daughter and son-in-law
  1851   IN, Ripley Co.   Death: Mary

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Birth Records



Marriage Records



Death Records

FindAGrave.com claims that Henry and Mary Thomas are buried at the Connell Cemetery in Ripley County, IN. However, headstones have not been found.

RootsWeb data for Mary Thomas from Linda Morin, 3 Jun 2010:
Death date from tombstone in Homer Cemetery, Walker Twp., Rush Co., IN.
Mary, wife of Henry Thomas

Will of Jacob Thomas, of Blount Co., Tennessee (Henry's father):

Typed from a copy of original Will, pages 260-262, 14 July 1998 by Barbara L. Fitzmaurice. On file at McClung Library, Knoxville, TN. Using original text and punctuation.

In the name of God Amen I Jacob Thomas of the County of Blount and State of Tennessee farmer being of Sound mind and memory and understanding but considering the uncertainty of life do think fit to make this my last will and testament in the following manner and form (Viz) I recommend my soul unto the hand of God and my body the earth to be buried in a Christian manner and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give devise and dispose of in the following manner and form after all my Just debts are paid First I will and bequeath that my Son George Thomas shall provide for his mother My beloved wife Margaret Thomas during her Natural life off of farm on which she is to her residence her life time in Annually twelve bushels wheat ground if she requires it one fatted hog of one hundred and fifty weight with the Lard half a bushel of Sault six bushels of Irish potatoes six bushels of Turnips provided he raises any Six bushels of Sweet potatoes also one quarter of beef if he Kills any of pair of shoes three pounds of clean cotton Sufficient quality of firewood cut and hauled to her door fit for use the third part of the garden equally manured with the rest a third part of the cabbage garden the fourth part of the flax that grows on the place two heifers to be wintered with grain and fodder with his own also the third part of all debts that is due to me when recovered after the Just debts are deducted there from also a third part of all the poultry with their Eggs all my house hold and Kitchen furniture is to be entirely for her own use during her life Except what is Georges Real property and at her disposal at her decease except the stove and large Kettle which is to be Georges at her death she is to have liberty to take a shoat out of the Stock of hogs when she needs one all the articles above mentioned for her provisions is to be delivered to her annually during her life Secondly I will and bequeath to my Son George Thomas my whole farm with all and every one of my farming Tools with the wagon and gears with the two stills and vessels the house clock all the horses the balance of my xxxxx stock of Cattle and hogs I also give and bequeath to my Son Henry Thomas one dollar by reason I consider to have given him a sufficient Share of my Estate heretofore I will and bequeath fifty dollars in property by reason I considered him to receive his share heretofore to my son Jacob Thomas I like wise will and bequeath to my son John Thomas one dollar by reason I consider him to have received a Sufficient share of my Estate heretofore I give and bequeath to my son Adam Thomas one dollar he having received his proportion of my Estate heretofore also to my daughter Margaret Numan I will and bequeath forty dollars in property it being her full Share of my Estate Margaret my wife is at full liberty to dispose of clothing to whom she pleases I likewise by these presents constitute make and ordain my wife Margaret and George Thomas my son to be whole and Executors of this last will and Testament and do hearby utterly disallow revoke all other wills and Testaments and to heretofore made and legacies and bequests and Executors by me in any way before named wills and bequeathed Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament In witness whereof I have Set my hand and Seal this fifteenth day of February in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and four.

Signed Sealed and delivered by the said Jacob X Thomas (__?___)

Jacob Thomas as his last will and testament mark in presence of (Wm. Lowery (Robert Everett 0r Eferett

Census Records

1800 Tax List, Tennessee, Blount County:

  Henry Thomas  

1801 Tax List, Tennessee, Blount County:

  Henry Thomas  

1820 Census, Indiana, Ripley County:

  Henry Thomas 1 male 45+, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 45+, 1 engaged in agriculture

1850 Census, Indiana, Rush County, Walker Twp:

  Adam Warfield age 72, male, farmer, $2400 real estate, born in PA
  Margaret Warfield age 64, female, born in PA
  James Warfield age 21, male, farmer born in OH
  William Warfield age 20, male, farmer born in OH
  Mary Thomas age 80, female, born in PA

Notes and Other Records

To do:

  • Get complete copy of pension file for Henry.
  • Look for death records.
  • Look for more census records.

Proof of lineage notes:

  • Pension file for Henry contains records stating that he married Mary (no mention of maiden name), and their children included a Barbara born in 1792 and a Mary born in 1795.
  • Still looking for more proof.

Is Mary's maiden name Abernathy?

There is a court record that shows James Abernathy as the executor for a Mary Thomas of Rush County who was deceased in 1845. Records within the pension file for Henry Thomas indicate that his Mary Thomas was still alive in 1848. So, I'm not sure.

Documents from Revolutionary War pension file:

letter from pension file letter from pension file pension file pension file

Original Land Purchasers of Ripley County, IN:

Henry Thomas listed in Ripley County Tract Book 1, p. 42, purchase date: 25 Sep 1807.

Henry Thomas sells land in Blount Co., TN to Margaret Niman (transcribed by Alvin Leon and Carole S. Thomas November 18, 2011):

This Indenture made this eighth day of April One thousand eight hundred and nine between Henry Thomas on the one part and Margaret Niman on the other part. Witnessed, that the said Henry Thomas in consideration of seventy eight dollars to him in hand paid by the said Margaret Niman and as the Margaret Niman now also hold a note of this date ------------------- for the above amount at or before the unsealing and delivering of these presents. The receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged has bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain and sell unto the said Margaret Niman, her heirs and assigns, a certain tract or parcel of land, lying and being in Blount County, Tennessee. Being the tract whereon the said Henry Thomas now lives. Containing 240 acres more or less. Bounded by the lands of Jacob Niman, David Cupps, Margaret Thomas and Widow Black. (?) Jefree (?) Wallace Bery (?) Wallace and Mrs Betts ----- Together the singular houses, mills, machine buildings, stable yards. Orchards, garden lands, tenements, meadows, pastures, common waterway, water, water courses, Privileges' profits commodities advantages ensalments,Herein laments and appearances whatsoever to said tracts or parcel of land belonging or appertaining or with the same used or enjoyed or accepted refuted taken or known as part parcel or member thereof or as belonging to the same or any part thereof and the insertion or insertions remainder or remainders yearly or other rents affixed and profits thereof and every parts and parcels thereof to have and to hold the said tract of land with the tenements Heredia------- tenements and all and singular other we promise herein mentioned or intended to be bargained and sold and every part and parcel thereof with every their rights members and appurtenances unto the said Margaret Niman, her heirs, assigns, forever to and for the only proper use and behoof her the said Margaret Niman, her heirs, assigns forever provided always and upon conditions that if the said Henry Thomas, his heirs, Executors or Administrators shall will and truly pay or cause to be paid unto said Margaret Niman, her heirs, Executors or Administrators or assigns, the full and just sum of Seventy eight dollars on or before the eighth day of April eighteen hundred and ten, ensuring the state of those presents then and in such case and all times from henceforth these presents all the estate hereby granted and every clause and sentence herein contained shall cease determine and be utterly void to all intent and purposes. Anything herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding.

In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Signed sealed in the presence of: Samuel Lowe, John Gardiner and Seal of…. Henry Thomas

State of Tennessee March (?) 1810

Blount County

The execution of the written mortgage was duly proven in open court by Samuel Lowe and John Gardiner, The Scribers being witness thereto & admitted to me, let it be registered.

In testimony whereof I James Hanslon, Clerk of the court of pleas and quarter being for the county aforesaid have hereto set my name and affixed my private seal, having no seal of office or officer this 30th day of March 1810.

--------------------- year of American Independence…J. Hauston CBC

Registered, May 30th, 1810

Bronze tablet listing Henry Thomas in the Rush County Court House:


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